ALEH Volunteer Interview at Israel Hayom

ALEH Volunteer Interview at Israel Hayom

ALEH: Making a difference in the lives of children with profound disabilities

Without ALEH, many children with severe multiple disabilities would spend their lives in hospitals, with no opportunities for rehabilitation, education, or the love and warmth of a home • Host Steve Ganot speaks with volunteer Dr. S’rah Yisrael.

Dr. S'rah Yisrael

Dr. S’rah Yisrael

In Israel’s early history, few if any facilities could provide adequate care for people with profound disabilities. This changed in 1982, when a group of parents founded ALEH, an organization dedicated to providing disabled children, as well as adults, with the best available care and the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential.

Today, ALEH is Israel’s largest support network for people with complex disabilities.  Over 750 individuals with physical or cognitive disabilities receive state-of-the art medical, educational, residential and rehabilitative care in ALEH’s four facilities in Israel. In addition, ALEH provides thousands of outpatient treatments every year.

Volunteers are an intrinsic part of the ALEH family, enriching the lives of ALEH’s children with their enthusiasm and love. ALEH has a multitude of volunteer opportunities to meet each individual’s skill set, preferences, and availability.

In this episode of Israel Hayom Insider, Opinion Editor Steve Ganot speaks with international volunteer Dr. S’rah Yisrael about ALEH’s unique community of care.